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Videezy | The New Source for Your HD Video Footage

18 de Julho de 2012

WOW WOW WOW! I tell everyone how important it’s to look for your daily dose of inspiration and that you must have those sources always at hand.

Now stop ( hammer time! Naah just kidding) think about this: what will you do, when your up to embark on a new project and you made your research, you did the best cool hunting from your neighborhood so you are inspired; you have your concept ready but… no resources to create your idea?

Now what ah?
Well… Worry no more!  Videezy is here to help you with a huge base of stock video ( and it’s gonna be legen… wait for it) HD!  Yes you read it right! But hey… don’t trust me on that, check for yourself.

Did I mention it’s HD STOCK VIDEO on Videezy ?! Oh i did? Sorry… it’s just that i’m still amazed.

Oh and now you are like “yeeaahhh dude whatevaa! It may be dope and sh** but  I don’t have the money to get some sweet HD stock vid’s!” And I’m like: DON’T YOU SWEAR ON MY BLOG YOU HIPPIE! It’s free.
You can download HD stock footage for free there!

You have them organized by category and tagged, so it’s super easy for you to find what you’re looking for. If you are a good person you can contribute with your own footage… but only if you’re a good person, keep that in mind!

My work here is done! Go check it out [ Videezy ] and have fun!
Hope it will help you.

P.S.: …dary!

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